Cocktail slăbire g Rubtsovsk

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rum: the cocktail underdog. If your liquor cabinet were staging a fight, rum would be the underdog. Some say it’s too sweet… others say it lacks sophistication… and most people know someone who has some rum hangover horror story.

Pour Becherovka into a glass filled with ice and top up with a tonic. Mix it with a spoon or a straw and add lemon slices.

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Rubtsovsk, also spelled Rubcovsk, city, Altay kray (territory), west-central Russia, on the Aley River and the Turk-Sib Railway. It is the centre of an important region of mining nonferrous.

The Big Lebowski's 'The Dude' made this White Russian extremely populair again. Discover this vodka cocktail along with many other recipes on our website.

Meticulously Crafted. We only choose the best ingredients to use within our cocktails. Each cocktail batch is crafted at the hands of an experienced bartender and is flavour tested to ensure the consistency and flavor meet our strict standards.